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Insomniac Non Sequitur

Why I’m Not On Facebook

I used to be on Facebook. Technically, I still am, but I’m locked out of my account and it’s hidden from public view. I know my account hasn’t been completely […]

The iconic shot of Bob's intro from the film Death Fish (Copyright New Essex Theater)
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The Story Behind My Logo

This is an image that has been associated with me or characters I’ve played for the bulk of my career. It’s a still from the first film I produced, Death […]

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My best Nicolas Cage impression

an image of smile from The Lower East Side dressed as Harry Potter standing in front of a restroom.
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Who would win in a face off: Luke Skywalker or Harry Potter?

I outline the strengths and weaknesses of each in this short video, suggested by the Revision 3 Variety Hour on the YouToo social television network. I’m sure some of you […]