But he was so nice on Scrubs!

My friend who is seven time zones away checked out the blog and gave me some feedback. Since she hasn’t seen the latest season of 24, the conversation went something like this:

Ricky’s still so cute!!

You wouldn’t have thought so if you saw him choke a bitch on 24.

Was it autoerotic asphyxiation?

No, he was torturing her.

You don’t have a picture of that. You have a cute picture up.

I then explained that the episode aired about 6 weeks ago, when I didn’t have this blog. As such, I didn’t make screen caps or save the episode, because 24 has been kind of sucking lately (not hard, but just enough to annoy me, more on that in a bit). I did try to find screen caps of the torture scene, but didn’t come across any. I did find a video that has clips of the scene, but it’s kind of taken out of context.

[livevideo id=28ECF1E3561045EB961493D827C3CE37]
Dismantle, Repair [24 Pairings, Season 6]

The video above is for some band’s song, and works as an example of 24‘s biggest problem. It used to be a hardcore action show, and somehow it morphed into the girliest shit on TV. In case you don’t know who any of these people are, a sentence on each. Jack was told that Audrey was killed in China, but when Kim Raver‘s ABC series got cancelled, it turned out Audrey was alive, but a basket case from Chinese torture, and that didn’t sit too well with Audrey’s dad who told Jack to stay away from her, or else. Morris and Chloe are breaking up because terrorists drilled holes in Morris’ back to get him to arm a nuclear bomb that ultimately destroyed Valencia, CA and Chloe won’t stop breaking his balls about it. Nadia is torn between cute and sensitive Milo (Eric Balfour), who came to her defense when she was accused of being a spy, and cute and rugged Mike (Ricky Schroder), who choked the shit out of her when she was accused of being a spy. That plot gets thickened into melodramatic lunacy when each of the guys saves Nadia’s life; however, that actually makes her choice a bit easier because Mike saves her by putting bullets into the bad guy’s heads, and Milo saves her by taking a bad guy’s bullet to his head, so unless Nadia’s into some really freaky shit, odds are she’s going home with Mike at the end of the day (though my money is on longshot Morris and his Canadian-Muslim-sitcom).

Mercifully, the folks who put this video together omitted any footage of the Powers Boothe romantic subplot. When fucking Powers Boothe (!!) can be seen crying over a woman on your show, you know you’ve crossed over into hardcore novela territory.

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