Sahara Movie Poster

At least he didn’t get naked and play the bongos

Sahara Movie Poster
"I'm not Superman, but I play him when I'm stoned!"

Sahara is on Showtime right now and it’s pretty good. I didn’t expect Matthew McConaughey to come off well as an action hero, but the movie is tailored to his strengths. I never read any of the Dirk Pitt books, but I know Clive Cussler was pissed that his rugged straight arrow hero became a freewheeling stoner hero. Mr. Cussler bad mouthed the movie before it was released, and tried to sue producers because it flopped and made his work look like shit. The jury disagreed with him, and now Mr. Cussler has to pay $5 million for defaming the movie. I’m not sure what’s worse: having to pay the five mill or being told you’re full of shit and need to get over yourself as the primary reason you have to pay the five mill in the first place.

It’s too bad, because this seems like it would make a really good franchise and Mr. McConaughey seemed poised to ride it all the way to being the 21st century Burt Reynolds. Maybe he can remake Smokey and The Bandit with Jessica Biel as Frog, Snoop Dogg as Cletus and R. Lee Ermey as Sheriff Justice, or join the cast of Ocean’s Whatever The Fuck Number They’re Up To At That Point.

HOLY SHIT!! He’s windsurfing a plane across the desert! A fucking plane!! I have to watch the end of this.

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