Kent Brockman Smoking

R-Rated Simpsons Movie?

Patty And Selma Smoking
Will more lesbians now be encouraged to take up smoking?


The MPAA recently announced that they would take cigarette smoking into account when deciding on the rating for a movie. Certain anti-smoking groups would like movies depicting smoking to be automatically rated R. During a commercial break on the 400th (!) episode of The Simpsons tonight, an ad for the upcoming Simpsons Movie mentioned that it was unrated. (It also mentioned that it was unfinished, which is the strangest thing I’ve ever heard in a movie promo. Why even mention something like that?) This got me wondering if, given the amount of regular smoking that many of the characters engage in on the series, if The Simpsons Movie could possibly get an Rrating.


Kent Brockman Smoking
"Me, Jack Palance and Cancer Man from 'The X-Files' are triplets! Don't tell anyone!"


This also got me wondering if someone were to make a action thriller called I Am Going to Anally Rape You Hard Until You Die!! about a serial killer who anally rapes people hard until they die, and the blood wasn’t red but a sort of viscous brown fluid, all discussion of the murders used proper terminology (i.e. anal rape is never referrered to as “cornholing“), there was no profanity, no sex, no nudity, and of course, no smoking in it, could it get a PG-13 rating? Any thoughts?

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