Greek Police Car

Tackleberry would be proud

Greek Police Car

If you’re ever in Greece, be careful if you drive. Especially of the police. If they don’t steal your car outright, they just might shoot your ass for double parking! I know the Greek police have a history of brutality and corruption, but shooting people for minor parking offenses is pretty hardcore. Reminds me of Clint Eastwood in Magnum Force, when he says, “where do you draw the line? Pretty soon you’ll execute someone for jaywalking, or you’ll execute your neighbor ’cause his dog took a shit on your lawn.”

Well, he says something like that, I don’t have it memorized; the point is: shouldn’t the folks in charge do a better job of weeding out the trigger happy police before they shoot someone “accidentally” instead of doing a lousy job of prosecuting them after they do? What do I care if the cop who shot me gets life in jail if I’m fucking dead!?! As a matter of fact, if I gave someone a gun, took them to a shooting range every day until they became an expert marksman and then they went out – on their own, mind you – and blew someone away for cutting them off. . . in line. . . at, like. . . I don’t know. . . Starbucks. . . they would prosecute me as the mastermind of the whole operation. So shouldn’t they do the same with the police? I guarantee that if the boss knew he could be facing incarceration in a Federal Butt-Fuck Penile Facility for the illegal actions of those under his command, you’d see a lot less people getting executed for panhandling.

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