Update on the migration

Now that I pretty much have this thing set up the way I want it, I’m going to transfer about 100 or so entries from a blog I had hosted elsewhere, and some other stuff from e-mail lists, discussion boards, and the like. The transfer isn’t going as smoothly as I would like. This blog is now hosted for free by WordPress, and they have strict limits on what you can and can’t run on their shit. The server I had the blog on let me run whatever scripts, software, and code I wanted (within their terms of service), and host whatever file type I wanted. That’s because it was paid for. Since I just can’t dump everything here the way it is, I have to go through it and figure out what to do in lieu of Javascripting, et cetera and so forth. I also have to work out multimedia storage and service, as I can’t run flash from here, and I can’t upload videos unless I pay extra for it, which I can’t do right now. If I could, it wouldn’t be an issue, I would’ve just run WordPress on the server I was already paying for. Enough bitching. Thanks for your patience and patronage.

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