Daddy… what’s a gangbang?

  1. During a one on one interview segment on the Sunday, April 8, 2012 episode of NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice, singer Aubrey O’Day made a rather explicit comment, which I tweeted about:
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    Did @AubreyODay just say @ArsenioOFFICIAL & @ClayAiken are going to gangbang @Teresa_Giudice? WTF?!? — smile #CelebrityApprentice
    Sun, Apr 08 2012 22:01:40
  3. I’ve embedded the episode below, but it’s hosted on YouTube, so hopefully it’s still there by the time you read this. The moment in question is at 43:50-44:03.
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    The Celebrity Apprentice Season 12 Episode 8 : Ad Hawk
    Mon, Apr 09 2012 16:27:07
  5. Now, any reasonable adult who knows the definition of the word gangbang would surmise that Ms. O’Day misspoke, for whatever reason. Just for the sake of clarity, here’s the dictionary definition of gangbang, courtesy of Merriam-Webster, because they should know, right?
  6. Surely, Ms. O’Day didn’t mean to suggest that there would be group sex or gang rape going on later in the proceedings. It was clear to me, and should have been to anyone with common sense, that Ms. O’Day was explaining that should their team lose, Arsenio Hall and Clay Aiken would join forces against Teresa Giudice in assigning responsibility for the failure. Simply put, Messrs. Hall and Aiken would gang up on Ms. Guidice, which I am certain what Ms. O’Day had meant to say.

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