Unstoppable – dedicated to @vegatheunbound

A little background on this. “Who the hell is @vegatheunbond?” you’re probably asking yourself. That’s my childhood friend, Will. I started to get into that here, but it turned into an epic, so I wrote a separate entry. Read it if it moves you.

The song Unstoppable by China Anne McClain is popular with the Disney crowd. The girls in the video embedded here are Kayla & Skyla, my uncle’s girlfriend’s grandchildren. Kayla wants very much to be a singer. When she first told me this, I told her it was serious business, and stressed the importance of working hard at it, to always be ready to seize any opportunity that came along. So they were in my house a few weeks ago, and Kayla asks if I can record her singing and put it on the internet. I tell her, “I got this program that’s supposed to beam it out live on the internet.”

“What do you mean live?”

“Instead of recording and uploading, it streams directly, so you don’t review it first.”

“So you want me to do it in one take? Okay, let me know when you’re ready.”

Kayla had her game face on, she was ready to throw down, so I filmed it, and here it is. Her little sister got excited so she sings a nursery rhyme song towards the end. The reason I dedicated this to Will (in case you didn’t read the other entry, but I know you really want to) is because he could take a cue from this young lady. She wants to be a singer, so she’s working on developing her talent, and she’s confident enough to show what she can do. It’s not false confidence either, I think she sings pretty good for a kid with no vocal training. My point is, she already has her hustle on and she’s only 10 years old. If she keeps at it, a few years from now she could be one of those Disney kids that the next generation looks up to. You never know.

If the embedded video doesn’t appear above, click here to watch it at Qik.

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