Here’s a masturbation song that I’m sure you’ll agree is suitable for Sunday. It’s from Tori Amos‘ second album, Under The Pink, which is not only a great album musically, but was great for hooking up with women around 20 years ago. On a personal note, I actually hadn’t heard this song in years because I’m pretty sure my CD was stolen by this racist chick I was banging around 10 years ago, but I can’t be sure, because it also could have been this wannabe starlet that I never got to bang. The point is, one day the CD didn’t turn up, and I have no idea what actually happened to it. For I all know, underpants gnomes transported it to the eighth dimension.

Anyway, the video embedded below is from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (of all places). I’m sure a large percentage of the folks watching thought she was singing about banging Jesus. By the way, I wish I could find an HD clip of this, because she looks stunning, but I don’t think they were shooting The Tonight Show in HD back in 1994.

If the embedded video doesn’t load, click to watch
Tori Amos “Icicle” (1994) at YouTube.

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