This is the first track from Swimmer‘s only major label release. Swimmer was a popular New York City band in the mid-late 1990‘s, and had a bit of following locally when they were signed by Maverick Records, who did little to nothing to support the album when it was released, despite the generally positive reviews. What exactly the song is about is open to debate, AllMusic seems to think it’s about someone contemplating suicide. To me it seems more like a break up song; after the initial thrill of romance, often people discover that they’re in a relationship that’s too good to be true, and sure enough, what it is, it is. I’ve always liked Surreal (I even titled one of my older blog posts with lyrics from it). The same named album can’t really be called a one-hit wonder, because it wasn’t really a hit, but it’s definitely an overlooked gem. If you like this track, you won’t be disappointed by the album as whole, so you should give a listen. I couldn’t find it on Grooveshark, so I embedded it from Spotify; hopefully it plays in your browser without you having to install the application if you don’t have it already. Let me know in the comments for future reference.

If the embedded audio player doesn’t load, click to listen to Surreal by Swimmer at Spotify.

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