Get The Funk Out

I’m not doing this on purpose, but here’s another second single from a band’s second album. So much for the sophomore slump. Get The Funk Out didn’t catch on in America when it was released back in 1990, but that’s probably because it was hard to classify in any one genre. Extreme looked like another hair metal band, but this track has a kick ass funk bass line and a horn section, not to mention that there weren’t too many Portuguese front men in hair metal bands back then. The lyrics are a rallying cry for freedom of expression and anticensorship, making the song practically hater proof. While it didn’t catch on over here, it was pretty popular in the UK and Asia. Ringo Lam used it to great effect in the opening of his no holds barred, over the top extreme reworking of The Count of Monte Cristo, Full Contact, letting the audience know they were in for some crazy shit. Get The Funk Out is one my personal theme songs; in case you haven’t noticed, I tend to say shit that some people find pretty outrageous, but that’s just the native New Yorker in me. If you don’t like/what you see here…

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Extreme – Get The Funk Out at YouTube.

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