I’m Alright

Looking forward to a good Saturday, so here’s some more feel good shit. Most people know this song from the movie, Caddyshack, so I’m not going to bother talking about that here. I searched YouTube thinking I would find some clips of that gopher fucking up the golf course, and there is that, but I was so staggered by the video below, I had to embed it.

First off, I always thought the high part was sung by a woman; you know, the angelic ahh-ahH-aHH-AHH. It’s actually sung by some big Sons Of Anarchy lookin’ mother fucker. Then, this has to be most androgenous mass of people I have ever seen in my life. When it goes to a wide shot, it sort of resembles the The Matrix, like they had only three or four models that they replicated. The men have some big ass beards. Kenny Loggins‘ beard is so big, he looks out of balance. I expected him to fall over. I mean, these cats are playing San Diego, which is pretty warm, but they look like they should be lumberjacks in Antarctica. I guess they grew them that big to let everybody know that they identify as men. The clean faced ones, you can’t really tell. Everyone has this sort of unisex fashion, from their clothes to their hair to their physiques. The editors must have been hip to this, because just when you’re starting to doubt your sexuality, there’s a shot of some tight buns in short shorts, or some all natural big boobies bouncing in a tube top. There’s also a lot of shirtless people, but they’re not six packs, they’re more like kegs. Enough rambling, enjoy your Saturday, people.

If the embedded video doesn’t load, click to watch Kenny Loggins – I’m Alright (Live-HQ) at YouTube.

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