My MoviePass Profile

Since I’ll be posting a few articles on the MoviePass service, here’s some demographic info to put my observations in context. If you’re considering signing up for MoviePass, hopefully this information will help you make an informed decision. If you’re already a MoviePass member, feel free to share your details for comparison in the comments. I have no relationship or involvement with MoviePass in any way other than as a paying user of their service.

  • Member since November 28,2012
  • Monthly Fee: $29.99
  • Number of movies viewed (as of October 27, 2013): approximately 111
    • NOTE: I chose the cutoff date that fell on the last full month of service to simplify some mathematical calculations. This date is also four days before MoviePass made changes to their policy that radically altered the quality of service. The viewed movie total comes from a cursory count of my ticket stubs; I would have to count them again to verify the exact total.
  • General cost of a movie ticket in New York City: $13.50 – $14.50

Though I used MoviePass for about 11 movies a month on average, I did not go to the movies at a consistent rate. Again, I would have to review my stubs in detail, but I know I used my MoviePass more during the winter months to see many of the prestige / art house award contenders, than during the summer months when there were more IMAX and 3D films that I paid for out of pocket and a lot of movies that I had little interest in seeing.

If we split the difference in general ticket cost and use $14.00 as the base price, the movies I attended would have cost roughly $1,554.00. By using MoviePass, my out of pocket cost during the timeframe was $329.89, representing an approximate savings of $1,224.11.

Of course, the savings on price are only one indicator of the overall value of any good or service. As MoviePass is a service that covers all of America, other users of the service may have had a vastly different experience based on where they live. Check out some of my other posts related to MoviePass, describing my user experience, the quality of customer service and how MoviePass‘ recent policy change affects the service, to get a more detailed view of my experience:

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