Why MoviePass Is Bringing Subscription Moviegoing To Theaters

For todays #ThrowbackThursday, here’s a video interview on TechCrunch TV with MoviePass CEO Stacy Spikes from about a year ago. Does any of MoviePass’ users think they have come closer to the product he describes here or further away from it in the past year? In light of the introduction of the Countdown Clock, the section from 4:10-5:05 sounds especially hypocritical.


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MoviePass hopes to do for the theatergoers what Netflix did for DVD renters and streaming movies, which is to let them pay one monthly fee and enjoy as many movies as they want during that time. Moviegoers can watch up to a movie a day, or 30 movies a month — that’s not bad for a membership fee that costs on average about $30 a month. In an interview with TechCrunch TV, Moviepass CEO Stacy Spikes said the inspiration to do so came about after seeing how subscriptions worked in other segments of the video entertainment market.

“We’ve been looking at the theatrical industry for a while and had noticed that home video window is subscriptionized, the cable window is subscriptionized, and we believe that given the slight decline in going to the movies, that it’s a great opportunity to help drive traffic back to theaters, by introducing…

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