The Truth About Dr. Jekyll title card

The Truth About Dr. Jekyll

The Quad Cinema is showing Dr. Jekyll & Sister Hyde as part of their Hammer Films retrospective, giving me another excuse to recycle some old material, a clip that was recycling old material to begin with. Back in 2006, I produced a video podcast (before the format had really been established or anyone knew what it was) called Potluck: Substance Over Style. The person I was supposed to interview backed out last minute, so I had to come up with an episode on the fly. I pulled out some old videotape of my mom, a couple of other old tapes and some digitized public domain film and put this together. By the way, my mother has never even seen Tim Burton’s Ed Wood, believe it or not.

The Truth About Dr. Jekyll (2006)

Contributor: Millie Duprey

Copyright Notices:

Footage from Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde is © copyright 1995 Savoy Pictures

Archival footage from Boys Beware (1961) is public domain and supplied by the Internet Moving Images Archive (at ) in association with Prelinger Archives

DVD cover art from Dr. Jekyll & Sister Hyde is © copyright 2001 Anchor Bay Entertainment

Footage from Glen or Glenda is © copyright 1953 Screen Classics Productions

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