The Next Freakin’ Thing

Today finally sees the launch of my first line of Digital Collectibles. It will be a series of non-interactive NFTs providing access to original art, photos, videos and other forms of media created by me. A lot of it wil be previously unreleased material from my archives, but I will also be creating new content as well.

The NFTs will be hosted on the WAX blockchain. I chose the WAX blockchain for its reduced environmental impact. You can get the NFTs at the Atomic Hub Marketplace; my collection is called smileartwork.

Rather than flooding the market, I will be minting the NFTs to meet demand in order to minimize resource use. Each NFT will have a rarity level based on how many are made available. Initial pricing for the NFTs will vary based on subjective quality and rarity. The Rarity Levels are:

  • Run of the Mill: more than 1000 available
  • Epic: 1000 or less available
  • Legendary: 100 or less available
  • Mythic: 10 or less available
  • Unique: One of a kind

I’m still working on the schedule for releasing new NFTs. I’m planning on releasing one at least once a week. I’ll nail down the schedule and revise this paragraph as the project develops over time. Initially I’ll be releasing photos from my archive, along with short video clips that were previously hosted on now defunct short form media sites/apps.

I’ll revise this post as the smileartwork NFT project develops. You can also learn more by checking out the NFT Terms. I’m making my first NFT free while supplies last. The run is limited to 10,000, but I think it’ll be a while before I give out that many. If you don’t see any listed, send me a message or post a comment and I’ll mint one for you.

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