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smile from The Lower East Side on the Red Carpet at PopCon 2012 with Ashlee from Jade Umbrella
Cutting a promo for Jade Umbrella with the lovely Ashlee on the Red Carpet at the 2012 PopCon L.A.

I have had many jobs and gone by many names, mostly in the arts and entertainment industries, primarily as a performer, but those that have known me longest know me as smile from The Lower East Side.

I’m not a blogger, but I have a blog that I had posted elsewhere and am in the process of migrating here. I’ll be keeping the original post dates of those pieces as well as adding stuff from other sites, so be sure to check the archives for newly reposted material. I’ll also be adding new content, writing, video, photos and so forth, such as my Song of the Day. You can use the links in the right column on a desktop, or the menu above on a mobile device, to find more. Hope you all dig what I’m laying down. Let me know what you think — smile

from The Lower East Side

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