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Photos originally taken by smile from The Lower East Side and/or shared through social media.

May is AAPI Heritage Month in the USA

smile in Chinatown
smile in Chinatown

Happy First Contact Day

smile on First Contact Day

Happy First Contact Day! — smile

Jim and Charlotte at The Quad

International icon Charlotte Gainsbourg does a Q&A with some guy from the neighborhood, Jim Jarmusch, after a screening of her new movie, Jane by Charlotte at the Quad Cinema in Manhattan.

Hulu knows what I like (and they say you can’t beat Netflix’s algorithm)

Happy New Year from New York City

I’m Fiona

Krystal & smile

My second oldest, Krystal and her partner, Matt, recently became foster parents to two young brothers. They came into Manhattan for a visit and the kids got to ride the subway for the first time. While waiting for the train, the boys each took some photos with my phone. One of the boys was trying to get a good grip on the phone because his hands were small and while he was futzing around with it, he took a couple of quick video clips.You can hear my mother shouting advice at him and Krystal gives me a compliment that’s one of the nicest things anyone’s ever said to me. I’m proud of my heirs, and in their own way they’re proud of me too.

RT @funnyordie: The 55 Best ‘Simpsons’ Headlines They left this 1 out.


@charliesheen ain’t the only one #biwinning