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Category: smile’s Song Of The Day

It’s really more like smile’s Song of Whenever I Get Around to Posting; thought I would share a collection of music that I enjoy for various reasons, along with those reasons. I hope you enjoy it too — smile

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I’m Alright

Looking forward to a good Saturday, so here’s some more feel good shit. Most people know this song from the movie, Caddyshack, so I’m not going to bother talking about that here. I searched YouTube thinking I would find some clips of that gopher fucking up the golf course, and there is that, but I was so staggered by the […]

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It Hasn’t Happened Yet

This is more a spoken word track than a song, but I love it nonetheless. From William Shatner‘s 2004 album Has Been, produced by Ben Folds (who also plays the piano here), it’s a melancholy mediation on aging, success, and personal satisfaction (or lack thereof). Seems to be running theme here lately, huh? The musical arrangement is hauntingly beautiful, and […]

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About A Girl

First off, let me say right up front that I am not a huge Nirvana fan. For some of you reading, that statement might seem like blasphemy. I don’t dislike their music; if I did, I wouldn’t post their shit here. I enjoy it, I  just didn’t go totally over the moon like everyone else seemed to when they burst […]

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High Lonesome

Just got done watching a Smokey and The Bandit double feature on CMT and realized that I haven’t really put any country music up. I don’t really have anything against country, but being from New York City, it doesn’t spring to mind that often. This song is the first single from Australian born Jedd Hughes solo album, Transcontinental. Lyrically, it’s […]