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Category: #smileSays

I originally used #smileSays as a hashtag for posts that were reviews or my opinions on various issues. #smileSays is the now the name of a podcast I started in May, 2020. This category contains the show notes and embeds of the podcast episodes, as well as the archival posts that were originally tagged #smileSays.

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My MoviePass Profile

Since I’ll be posting a few articles on the MoviePass service, here’s some demographic info to put my observations in context. If you’re considering signing up for MoviePass, hopefully this information will help you make an informed decision. If you’re already a MoviePass member, feel free to share your details for comparison in the comments. I have no relationship or […]

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If you want to work in entertainment

In the last couple of years, I’ve been embracing this whole social networking, internet shit, and making contacts on various social networks. A lot of young people have been following me, and if they have something interesting or cool, I’ll follow them back. A lot of them have videos showing off their various skills: singing, playing music or sports, skateboarding, […]