On the horizon

I haven’t been online much the last couple of weeks. I fell behind on some recurring projects I enjoy doing, like my Follow Friday videos, and keeping this blog updated. Was in full swing migrating more of the old entries over, then went into the holiday weekend. I was going to dedicate some free time this week to doing more of that, but the iTunes store had a big sale on games, and because I’m on a shoestring these days, my low budget ass took advantage and picked up a bunch of choice titles for 99¢! As such, the free time I intended to use to work on the blog got pretty much pissed away by a range of quality time wasters. I did get some other stuff done, actual productive stuff. Really, I did.

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Update on the migration

Now that I pretty much have this thing set up the way I want it, I’m going to transfer about 100 or so entries from a blog I had hosted elsewhere, and some other stuff from e-mail lists, discussion boards, and the like. The transfer isn’t going as smoothly as I would like. This blog is now hosted for free by WordPress, and they have strict limits on what you can and can’t run on their shit. The server I had the blog on let me run whatever scripts, software, and code I wanted (within their terms of service), and host whatever file type I wanted. That’s because it was paid for. Since I just can’t dump everything here the way it is, I have to go through it and figure out what to do in lieu of Javascripting, et cetera and so forth. I also have to work out multimedia storage and service, as I can’t run flash from here, and I can’t upload videos unless I pay extra for it, which I can’t do right now. If I could, it wouldn’t be an issue, I would’ve just run WordPress on the server I was already paying for. Enough bitching. Thanks for your patience and patronage.

Insomniac Non Sequitur running on Serendipity

Hello world!

Insomniac Non Sequitur running on Serendipity
The blog on the old server

Welcome (back) to Insomniac Non Sequitur! It’s been a couple of years since I’ve updated this thing. I’m in the process of migrating the posts from the old server to this one. The blog was originally running on Serendipity (still is somewhere out there), and there didn’t seem to be an easy way to export the posts, comments, tags, categories, etc. to WordPress easily. So I’m going to be cutting and pasting the next few days. There may be some changes to layout and features over the next few days also. Be sure to check the archives and if there’s anything wrong (broken links, missing media and the like), let me know in the comments section.

All the pretty colors

My friend who’s seven time zones away pointed out the some of the links on the blog took her to Amazon.com to buy something. You might have noticed that there’s advertising on the website if you read the blog there; this isn’t a commercial endeavor, but I do pay for it out of my pocket, and I don’t make a ton of money to begin with, hence the integrated advertising. The links to Amazon.com do provide good info, like trailers or clips of shows sometimes, and info about a movie or band, and people’s opinions. I don’t get paid unless someone makes a purchase anyway. Nevertheless, her concern was duly noted, and as such, links that will take you merchandise pages (usually at Amazon.com) are now colored green orange (at the website, RSS/e-mail readers may vary).