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Nobody Does It Better

Marvin Hamlisch, the composer of the music to this Carly Simon hit, passed away yesterday, so this one is for him. I would have posted it here sooner or later anyway. It’s the theme from the James Bond movie, The Spy Who Loved Me, so it’s all about how great he is at fucking women, which is in a similar vein to the Oxford Blues theme I posted a few weeks ago, so you know it’s one of my favorites. Carly Simon‘s performance on this song is so convincing, it sounds like she’s getting the best dick in existence, right there in the recording booth, while she’s singing. When I was kid and used to hear people talking about women faking orgasms, I pictured them bursting into the chorus of this song, because I was kid and there was no internet and therefore I had no frame of reference for what a woman having an orgasm, real or fake, was like. I’ll tell you this: if I’m ever having sex with a woman and she starting singing this in my ear, I’m pretty sure I would have an orgasm.

That’s my eulogy for Marvin Hamlisch; may he rest in peace. Rest assured, I will not be speaking at his funeral. Happy Hump Day!

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Nobody Does It Better by Carly Simon at Grooveshark.