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smile's Song Of The Day 0

Little Sister

This is an interesting song. It’s a great little tune, written and performed by Lou Reed satirizing Bob Dylan. In Allan Arkush‘s 1983 comedy, Get Crazy, Reed plays Auden, a genius folk singer in a creative rut because success and fame have purged his life of tragedy and despair. Auden is coaxed out of his apartment after about a decade […]

smile's Song Of The Day 0

La Cotorra Criolla

The name of this song literally translates as The Creole Parrot, but the sentiment is really The Creole Rapper. Rapper’s Delight is widely acknowledged to be the pioneering rap record, but at the time, the genre hadn’t been named. Rap was still a slang word for talk or conversation, so when Rapper’s Delight was released in Venezuela, it was called […]

smile's Song Of The Day 0

Life On Mars?

In honor of NASA landing their most advanced Mars Rover, Curiosity, on the surface of the Red Planet, I’m posting David Bowie‘s classic song. At first listen, it seems to be a simple, understated track, but it holds up to repeat listening because of the depth and complexity of the arrangement. The lyrics make little sense, and are probably not […]