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My Song Of The Day subscribers may have inadvertently been sent one of my recent MoviePass posts because it was tagged incorrectly. Here’s a song to apologize.

Though Nerf Herder is probably best known for providing the theme music for the Buffy The Vampire Slayer television series, this was the song that initially blew them up (at least in California) and most likely got them the Buffy gig. This shit was all over the radio when I was on the West Coast back in late ’96 – early ’97, and it always stuck with me, because it’s genuinely funny. Happy Thanksgiving (if you’re in America, otherwise, Happy Thursday)!

If the embedded audio player doesn’t load, click to listen to
Sorry by Nerf Herder at Grooveshark.



It seemed appropriate to throw this song up after I realized my mistake regarding my missing Tori Amos CDs. This 1958 tune written by Leiber & Stoller and originally recorded by The Coasters (aka The Robins) may seem familiar as it has been covered by myriad artists including Ritchie Valens, Jerry Reed and Cheech & Chong.

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Framed by The Coasters at Grooveshark.

I Gotsta Get Paid

This is from ZZ Top’s latest album, which dropped earlier this week. I love ZZ Top, and I’m happy they’re still around, because this band is older than I am. I don’t mean just the members of the band; I mean, they were grown ass men who formed the band before I was even born. One thing is for sure, this shit is definitely not auto-tuned or t-pained or whatever the fuck they do to make it sound like Glee. In fact, the only way I can ever imagine this song would be on Glee is if Kurt sings it after getting throat fucked by two dozen guys so he can get the lead in the New York City premiere of Rocky: Das Musical. That’s actually not a bad premise, I should pitch it to Ryan Murphy. Tweet him a link to this if you agree.

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I Gotsta Get Paid by ZZ Top at Grooveshark.

Rapper’s Delight

If you don’t know what this track is, here’s a piece on it at National Public Radio. Rapper’s Delight pumps me up for a lot of different reasons. There’s nostalgia; since I remember when it was new, when I hear it now, those neurons in my brain fire right up. This is barely a song: it has no bridge, chorus or any real structure; it’s just a bunch a guys talking shit over a bunch of other guys playing a snippet or two of music over and over — for 15 solid minutes. On top of that, it was recorded in one take. What the fuck?!? Who even thinks of doing that? It wouldn’t surprise me to find out The Sugarhill Gang recorded it directly to gramophone disc using a Mr. Microphone. Put aside a quarter of an hour today and blow your mind.

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Rapper’s Delight [Full Length Version] by The Sugarhill Gang at Grooveshark.

Man In Black

This 1971 classic by Johnny Cash is straightforward and to the point, pretty much expressing his views on life. Enjoy the weekend, people; I should be back on the regular schedule in the next couple of days.

If the embedded audio player doesn’t load, click to listen to
Man In Black by Johnny Cash at Grooveshark.

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