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A lot of good points made in this article — smile

Namor played by Tenoch Huerta Mejía
Namor played by Tenoch Huerta Mejía

A lot of good points made in this article — smile

Black Panther 2’s Namor casting opens up Latino colorism debate – Vox


I just found out that legendary New York salsero Willie Colón is going to perform in New York City for the first time in… this century, I think. It’s been a long time anyway. This song is the first track on his 1970 album, La Gran Fuga. I wish I could tell you what the lyrics mean, but I’m not even sure what exact language it is (aside from the spoken bit of Spanish towards the end). Despite that, this is one of Willie Colón‘s signature tunes. Old school hip hop fans might recognize some of it, as it’s been sampled a few times, most notably in Beat Street. I’d love to go, but my broke ass can’t even afford Clearasil these days; however, if anyone is feeling generous, I have no problem accepting a donation for my efforts here. Have a great week people!

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Ghana’ E by Willie Colón at Spotify.

Tu pum pum

“Yo, have you heard this kid go ‘pum pum mami mami’? That shit is fresh!”

You might have to be Latino to know this song. Panamanian El General was a Spanish Reggae artist until he left the music business to focus on religion. This is his debut track (recorded when he was 14!), which was a massive hit and influential song in Latin America and Puerto Rico back in the 1980’s, mostly through word of mouth. Spanish Reggae evolved into the Reggaeton sub genre in Puerto Rico, so an argument could be made that this is in fact, the very first Reggaeton song.

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Tu Pum Pum – El General at YouTube.