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I Touch Myself

I was going to dedicate this one to someone, but wasn’t sure it would be appropriate. I don’t really know her; she’s someone I run into in the neighborhood once in a while and have small talk with. Nothing very deep or probing. For example, the other day I found out what her mother’s favorite ice cream is and when reflecting back on the conversation later, I realized I don’t know what her favorite ice cream is. So I figure, for once, maybe I should err on the side of discretion. Ain’t that a shock?

You know, now that I think about it, it’s probably never a good idea to dedicate a masturbation song to someone. Could you imagine the end of American Graffiti? Wolfman Jack goes on the radio, all, “Yowza! Yowza! This is The Wolfman howling’ at you!! Can you hear me?!? AAAOOOHHH!! Suzanne Somers, I’m howlin’ at ya with a dedication from Richard Dreyfuss who says that even though he doesn’t know you very well, he often thinks about ya when he’s doin’ the five knuckle shuffle — and eatin’ your mama’s favorite ice cream! Can you dig it?!?

Yeah. So much for discretion.

Every once in a while I get in an argument with someone about who performed this song. For some reason, people seem to think Blondie did it, but it’s by The Divinyls, and yes, Lucy Lawless has done a cover of it as well. The song has an unusual structure; most songs go VERSE/REFRAIN/VERSE/REFRAIN/BRIDGE/REFRAIN/VERSE/REFRAIN. I Touch Myself goes into the bridge very early, leading into the second verse. Despite this, it has a strong hook and an immediately catchy melody. The lyrics have a double entendre motif; one can look past the obviously sexual connotation to a deeper meaning, that of a great romantic or spiritual longing, which comes through in Christina Amphlett‘s singing.

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