Maria – dedicated to @labellesanmerci

I’m putting the masturbation theme on hold for today, since it’s the birthday of someone very dear to me. I picked this song because last year we were doing karaoke or just at a bar or whatever and we were talking about Glee. I told her I was surprised they hadn’t raided this song yet. There’s a drum part for Finn, a guitar part for Puck, a long intro for Brittany and Mike Chang to shake it, a rap part for Artie or Mr. Shoe, it’s vaguely hip-hop-ish (but not really, this genre is known as freestyle).

Laura had never heard the song, and because it wasn’t in the karaoke bar’s computer or whatever it is, she didn’t believe it existed, even when I sang it to her. She actually thought I made up those lyrics on the spot, drunk. This quickly turned into another half coherent lecture from me about how I’m a Latino from the Lower East Side, and as such, I grew up hip to shit that White girls from the suburbs couldn’t even dream about reading in The Outsiders. I probably should have played it for her sooner, but I didn’t think about it until now. I’m sure she hasn’t either.

Happy birthday, Laura — smile

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