Buddy Holly

This is a classic track from Weezer‘s debut album. I remember Weezer being kind of underrated when they first hit in the early 1990s. I think a lot of the music world was worshipping at the altar of grunge, and considered Weezer to be kind of lightweight. I always thought they were good, and over time, I have been proven right. The video below is what really catapulted the band to mainstream success. Inspired by the (then) groundbreaking special effects in the film Forrest Gump, director Spike Jonze digitally inserted the band into footage from an episode of the American hit television series Happy Days (specifically, the episode They Shoot Fonzies, Don’t They?). The video was so popular, Microsoft included it as a bonus on the Windows 95 operating system, back when they were still trying to convince the world they were cool.

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