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smile's Song Of The Day 0

Cosmic Slop

This is a classic track from Funkadelic, which is pretty much the same band as Parliament, but with a different name for legal reasons (I think). This video was shot in Central Park and Times Square in 1973 (check out the billboard adverts!). Looking at it now, it’s obvious that these cats were very into drugs, but I remember being […]

smile's Song Of The Day 0


Hey People! A small change you should know about if you’ve bookmarked or linked to any of the Songs Of The Day, read more here. So much for getting back on a regular schedule. I’m really going to get back to it this week. Really. From the Holy Shit, I Can’t Believe This Is 20 Years Old file comes The […]

smile's Song Of The Day 0

I’m Alright

Looking forward to a good Saturday, so here’s some more feel good shit. Most people know this song from the movie, Caddyshack, so I’m not going to bother talking about that here. I searched YouTube thinking I would find some clips of that gopher fucking up the golf course, and there is that, but I was so staggered by the […]