Ricky Schroder and Marisol Nichols from the Fox Television Series, 24.

The point of this thing. . .

Ricky Schroder and Marisol Nichols from the Fox Television Series, 24.
Ricky Schroder and Marisol Nichols from the Fox Television series, 24.

Well, I finally got a blog. I never wanted one before; since I have plenty of friends, I never really felt the need to vent to strangers. Lately, though, my work schedule has been a little varied, and as such my sleeping pattern has also varied. Since I have a TiVo, I am able to watch my shows at my leisure, so it’s cool, except that when real off the wall shit happens, I like to call my friends and tell them to flip it on. My sleep pattern has been making me kind of punchy; I tend to get so absorbed by what I’m watching that I forget it’s recorded. Over the last few weeks this has been a source of friction with my friends, as I tend to call them in the middle of the night yelling stuff like, “Holy shit! Locke’s Pop is Sawyer’s Moby Dick!!” or “Holy shit! Ricky Schroder is choking a bitch!!

Which is what led me to this. I want to be able to talk about crazy shit I see on TV, or that’s going on in the world, as the thoughts pop into my head. As I said already, I’ve been kind of punchy lately, so I tend to forget these things by the time I am able to talk about them with my friends, and it’s driving me a little nuts. I don’t know why; it’s most likely due to my paranoid delusion about forgetfulness being indicative of oldness.

I do have one friend that my schedule sort of lines up with, because she’s seven time zones away, so we Skype the hell out of each other. The problem with that is because she’s on the other side of the world, our pop cultures aren’t synchronized! I haven’t seen Sunshine or Dungeon Siege yet; she hasn’t seen Disturbia or Breach; somehow we’ve both managed to see, ugh, The Fountain.

In any case, I’ll be posting my thoughts on what I see, do and experience as they come to me (if I am by a computer). Free free to post your thoughts on my thoughts. Peace!

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