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Category: #smileSays

I originally used #smileSays as a hashtag for posts that were reviews or my opinions on various issues. #smileSays is the now the name of a podcast I started in May, 2020. This category contains the show notes and embeds of the podcast episodes, as well as the archival posts that were originally tagged #smileSays.

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Why I can’t recommend MoviePass (and why I won’t be renewing my subscription anytime soon)

If you’ve read my other posts on MoviePass, it’s clear that overall I was happy with the service and how it was implemented for the first 11 months of my membership. Even with the Countdown Clock, many of you may find that MoviePass is indeed a great value that would suit your needs. The way the Countdown Clock was implemented […]

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What can I see with MoviePass?

The MoviePass card is actually a branded Discover Card, so it should be accepted at any theater with a ticket kiosk that accepts Discover for payment. This includes most (but not all) of the theater chains in America. Many independently owned and operated theaters also accept Discover, so you should be able to use your MoviePass there. However, you can […]